How to Get a Flat Stomach- Eliminate “The Pooch”

The lower belly pooch is so annoying isn’t it? Ugh! Even when I weighed 113 pounds that stubborn pooch just wouldn’t go away!  That told me that I needed to be intentional. You can’t just lose weight all over, you need to target the pooch! In other words, you need to incorporate lower ab exercises into your weight loss regime. Here’s what I do:

– I make sure my diet is not causing me to gain weight. So you’ll have to do a bit of research before you even begin to diet and work out. You need to eat for a while and record yourself to see if it’s causing you to gain weight. If you are maintaining… excellent! That’s exactly what you want! Now everyone knows you’re supposed to eat 4 fruits and 5 veggies a day. I ‘ll advise that of course but let’s be honest, most of us miss that bar. You can eat deliciously just wisely. Satisfy yourself, if you want some chocolate, have it! Just don’t OD on it. Don’t gorge yourself, everything in moderation and do try not to go over 1800 calories a day if you’re female, 2000 for males. Stay away from too many white carbs, try to do whole grain and brown whenever possible.

– Incorporate some fun cardio into your routine 4-5 days a week. Make sure you enjoy it, or you won’t be able to stick to it. I prefer dancing. Make sure whatever you choose, you sweat a lot and exercise for at least an hour. The sweating is VERY important, this is what let’s you know you’re burning fat. Now before you do the cardio, target that pooch. You want to burn out the lower abs, these are hard to get, especially if they haven’t been worked in forever. Crunches and sit-ups are what I do and especially the reverse crunch. The reverse crunch is exactly like a regular crunch only you pull in your knees by contracting your lower abdomen.  I do all three varieties in succession 30 reps each.


And that’s it. Drink lots of water of course and make sure you are defecating regularly. I would advise once a day. Most people don’t mention this but it’s important. It affects your health and it can make your pooch bigger if you’re constipated. Obviously if you cut down your calories even more the weight will drop faster but the point is: once you’re not gaining and you add this cardio, the extra energy lost will cause you to loose weight instead of maintain it. Easy weight loss and toning without the deprivation! To see some strange foods that will flatten your abs fast CLICK HERE.


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