Spherical Wonder

Do you ever just wonder at the moon? I do. This is the very first post ever made on this blog and I’m sure there will be many more. You should always reach for the moon… The saying goes: “reach for the moon and you’ll be sure to land among the stars” but I say: “reach for the moon and you just might get it!” It’s important to have confidence in what you’re trying to attain, without it you adopt a defeatist attitude and fail before you even begin. This blog is all about widening your horizons and attaining your goals.

Realize your potential because it’s immense. There is nothing you cannot do. Realize that you need a plan. I’m here to give you the specific steps to that plan. What are some of the major areas that impact each and every one of our lives: finances, fitness and relationships. I’ll be discussing these topics at length! Stick around and star gaze as the posts roll in..


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