What About My Brain?

So I know you probably think you’re a smart cookie — and you’d be right! But what if I told you that you could elevate that to another stratosphere by following one remarkably simple technique? It’s possible, mouse click to learn more…

There’s an Easier Way to Learn That!

Don’t get caught up in rote study study smarter with this new technique name subliminal photography. I say new because even though it’s been around for over 40 years it’s relatively unknown. When I say “easy” that’s exactly what I mean — ridiculously easy — like scanning a picture book. This is because subliminal photography … Continue reading

So You Think You’re Sharp Huh?

I bet you think you have a pretty good memory as it is but let me ask you this: how much of that newspaper article you read last week can you remember? Or perhaps the ingredients list on the back of your granola bar? The truth is, most human memory has not inched beyond “good” … Continue reading